Friday, January 21, 2011

Rmbr when 'Andy Six' from Black Veil Brides was in 8th grade??

Several people have emailed/tweeted about this band Black Veil Brides, but I never got around to post about them because they didn't strike me as all that interesting-- just another gay, generic metalcore band with a goth edge. Nothing new to see there; move along, right?? But then I realized that I (sort of) know the singer, "Andy Sixx."

What a little hottie-- if they ever win a VMA or whatever, he should take a page out of Madonna's book and make out with Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson on stage.

Of course, I knew him as little Andy Biersack, who was maybe 15 at the time and got his hair cut by my ex at her salon. I guess this was when he began experimenting with the scene, because I remember he brought her a drawing of Nikki Sixx (not a photo, a drawing) and said, "I want hair like this."

He's not just another pretty face, he's so dark and mysterious too!!

You can imagine my surprise when I found out that he was all grown up now, and singing for a popular (if shitty) metalcore band!! I sent my ex a link to the video because I figured she would have similar reaction. Her take? "I couldn't make it past like a minute of that gay video."

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Stoked. Always wanted to know 'what Tom Delonge was really trying to say with his music.'

Hope they make a 3D version.

[via respected VLV poster 'danieldanger' of the Millionaires tribute band 'Caspermask']

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some guys from Kentucky have a metalcore band

Hard to choose just one, but I think the guy in the relaxed-fit jeans w/ the knuckles belt buckle looks the most like someone in a 'real hardcore band'

True fact, I have been to Kentucky before! I went to the Kentucky Derby a few years ago in Louisville, which is also the home of Our Final Hour. They are apparently one of the top metalcore bands, with promo photos, merch, and even a few songs recorded. Here is what it says on their Official MySpace:
Brought to life in September 2008, Our Final Hour is poised to take the hardcore scene by storm with its unique blend of melodic metalcore. With a live stage show that has captivated audiences throughout the area, Our Final Hour is setting a standard for energy and intensity in the over-saturated hardcore scene. From explosive breakdowns, to machine-gun style drumming, to melodic guitar leads, to brutal guitar and bass rhythms, Our Final Hour's blend of music can grab the attention of any avid metalcore listener.
Wow! It sounds so professional, I am really impressed at how much they have accomplished in just a few short years. If I was in a band this would probably inspire me take my musical career to the next level! Here is what you can expect to see if you become a fan of Our Final Hour:

Cool video of them playing their song in this field. It even has guest vocals from Kevin Peters of Anemic (not sure who that is but he's probably important in their regional metalcore scene). They even do a lot of the same moves as famous bands, like where they run in place during the keyboard parts-- I am so impressed with their professional approach!

This shirt is really phat! It looks like something you would buy at the mall, like at Buckle or that one store across from Auntie Anne's with all the Tapout stuff in the window!

The best part about being in a band: groupies like this chick will make you fan signs!!

IDK if they are actually Christian or not but they have shared the stage with bands like Strength Within (Ohio Ministries Metalcore) and Nick Nailer!

This is another flyer for one of their concerts... it's kind of weird if you ask me but whatever! I am sure this kind of artwork appeals to their 'target customer.'

Not sure what this is all about-- if it is supposed to be a clock that shows that it's almost midnight, the hour hand is not in the right place. Maybe it is a broken clock???? I am so bad with symbolism!

You can check out Our Final Hour on their Official MySpace or on their Official Twitter (they only have 24 followers so help spread the word). It is really cool to see how fast the Kentucky metalcore scene is growing and I am really looking forward to their EP!! Thanks to @bosch91 for the tip!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I may be a bit late on this, but while everyone is saying that Skins is dangerous for teenagers to be watching I'm going to say that the video below is the real threat.

I'm a very liberal person, but I'd most likely disown my kid for dressing like Davie Vanity.

For the record, I did like the song "Scream for my Ice Cream", but it creeps the shit out of me out at the same time.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What rap/rnb songs should I like??

Jessi Malay = WOULD WIFE

Now that scene is dead and easycore has been ruined by Euro pop-punk bands, I am looking for a new genre of music to dedicate my life to. Before I was ever into punk, hardcore, or metal, I was into rap (this was in like 1986-1988, before most of you were born), and I feel like 2k11 might be the year where I am 'all about hip-hop.' But not the ghey shit that white ppl who went to art school like Aesop Rock or whatever. I am more into top-40 club rap, like the kind of stuff they play when you want to get wasted, have some girl you don't know grind on your dick, then have sex with a stranger after you stagger home with her.

In this post, I will share some of the rap songs I like so that you can get an idea of where I'm coming from. Please make suggestions in the comments! And again, none of that boring indie/artsy rap-- donotwant.jpg!

POW WOW, baybay!

Don't think this song ever caught on, but I loved Filipina cutie Jessi Malay

"Ice Cream Paint Job" is currently my favorite song, makes me feel like I am rolling like a big shot whenever I bump it in my whip

What happened to snap music??

I have no idea if Special Ed is respected by rap nerds these days, but he was a pretty fucking good MC if you ask me (I think this is from about 1988?)

HOW MANY NIGGAS IN THE CLUB WANNA ROLL?? I ask myself this question every day.

Pretty sure the JERKIN MOVEMENT didn't last longer than 2k9.5, but I still love this song

1. Video is so lulzy #oakland 2. Song is pretty tight

This song is the perfect soundtrack to a "girls night out", but fuck it-- Enrique Iglesias is so pretty even I would hit it

I srsly think the Ying Yang Twins might be retarded, but they had some great songs (see also "Your Daughter Likes Black Dick")

Another oldie- the hardest song by the hardest MC of all time RAKIM!

The first time I heard this was at party in 2004 or so with my friend who had just taken a Vicoden then drank a bunch, and I was srs afraid he was going to die. To this day, if I need a fake phone number I use (281) 330-8004.

I think Cherish was some sort of failed attempt at a girl group, I know almost nothing about them other than this song, which is really great!

Don't know much about Rasheeda either, but she seems ghetto as fuck- the whole album is actually pretty good though

Ciara had a couple jams- feel like she would've been more popular if she was as hot as Ashanti (she is one fine bish)

Flo-Rida = king of songs that will make drunk girls dance like a slut when they come on

I guess when you boil it down, I'm into R&B songs with girl singers, ignorant southern party rap and shit for black nerds who wear skinny jeans and Pierce The Veil shirts, but I'm open to whatever. Nothing is too obvious, because there are lots of good popular songs that I forgot about and would be stoked to put on my iPod again! And remember... no artsy rap please!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

NEW JAMZ 4 U [wknd mosh edition]

Being old is cool because you have more money and power than teenagers and people in their early 20s, but one of the bad parts is being jaded as fuck about new music. Sometimes I just feel like I've heard it all, and there's nothing new and interesting out there. That might be true, but one thing I never get tired of is some ignorant moshcore, such as these two tracks I came across this week.

This hot deathcore track from DEFILER kicks off with one of the hardest misogynist breakdowns since the ABACABB record: "I WANNA SEE YOU CRY, BITCH! OOOOOOOH!" Hard as fuck!! Kinda lulzy but you can't hate, apparently these kids are still in high school and this song is fucking sick.

I guess this song is actually old, but whatever-- it brings the mosh so it's worth sharing. CROOKS TO KINGS is a sweet moshcore band from Tacoma, Washington which is cool because that's where my mom is from. These dudes are all thugged out, but I just think of Tacoma as where I had to go for Thanksgiving and stuff when I was a kid. Anyway, tight song!

Hope you moshed your balls off! How long until one of the guys in Defiler quits the band to start a non-hardcore project (Pierce The Veil-style post-hardcore or dubstep DJ are the most likely IMO)?? I am always looking for new moshcore tracks- do you have any recommendations??

Friday, January 14, 2011

Check out these ironic Millionaires covers

Ironic covers of top 40 pop songs are a cornerstone of the metalcore/screamo/crunkcore scenes [RIP crunkcore]. Whether it's Miss May I doing "Swing," Brokencyde doing "Low" or T-Mills doing "Tik Tok," riding the coattails of successful artists who actually know how to write catchy songs is one of the lowest-hanging fruit for upcoming scene bands who are hungry for Youtube views/Facebook likes/Myspace friends [RIP Myspace].

While the bands weren't joking (they always hit you up to buy the song on iTunes), it was always tongue in cheek, like "HAY GUISE THIS SONG IS SO GAY BUT LOL ITS KIND OF CATCHY RITE?!", and the targets were always safely outside the walls of Hot Topic. The scene has stopped short of cannibalizing itself in its ravenous hunger for attention... until now. In what might be the birth of 'postmodern scene', ironic Millionaires covers have been springing up all over Youtube.

Some chubby indie rockers called Caspermask do an ironic cover of "Party Like A Millionaire." Basically the 2K10s equivalent of all those stupid lounge jazz versions of Metallica and The Offspring back in the 90s.

Really, really awful metalcore cover of "Alcohol." They are pretending it's a joke, but you and I know better-- it's like the old days, where you had to pretend you only liked mainstream bands 'for a joke.' Hang in there dudes, soon enough it will be socially acceptable for moshcore bros to non-ironically like Millionaires.

Some dipshit doing an extra-awful vocal cover of "In My Bed" in the living room of his parents' house in what looks to be Fort Lauderdale or something. Bonus points for choosing an old-school Millionaires track off the demo, major demerits for singing into your fist as though you were holding an actual microphone.

What does this all mean?? It could signify that Millionaires have arrived as semi-mainstream pop artists-- possible, especially since their newer songs are pretty damn good ("Stay The Night" is my favorite). Or it could simply be evidence that post-Myspace scene kiddies are out of ideas, and that we'll be seeing nonsense like 'ironic screamo covers' of screamo bands... screamo Chiodos covers, anyone??